Services for Freelancers & Companies


General advice

  • Initial Consultations upon the tax and social security impact of the business setup.
  • Business plan preparation assistance
  • Business planning and administration
  • Analysis and comparison of legal forms
  • Hypothetical tax calculations and other simulations
  • Business registration with German tax offices and other authorities


Accounting and annual reports

  • Financial accounting incl. VAT reports
  • Payroll administration incl. monthly wage tax and social security withholdings
  • Annual financial statements
  • Profit and loss statements for corporations
  • Income determination for freelancers and small businesses


Annual tax returns

  • Corporate tax returns
  • Tax returns for determination of joint income
  • Trade tax returns
  • VAT annual tax returns
  • Inheritance and gift tax returns



  • Clarification of social security issues with the responsible German agencies
  • Assistance on tax office queries
  • Tax audits assistance
  • Negotiation of binding agreements and rulings with German tax authorities
  • Verification of tax assessment notices
  • Filing of appeals with the tax authorities and representation in tax court lawsuits
  • Support in tax evasion procedures




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